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The English Networking Dinner is an event for business people located in Okinawa, Japan. We offer relaxed networking events as well as events overseas regularly. Click the More Info button below for further information.

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Hotel Sansui Naha

English Networking “Thanksgiving” Dinner @ Kadena Marina

November 21st (Monday)
Doors open 18:00 (events starts at 18:30)
$50 or 7,000 yen per person
RSVP (www.networkingdinner.biz) before November 14th for $10 or 1,000 yen discount!
Food, coffee & iced tea, entertainment, & prizes included.

*We will have a table for people to put their company’s information, so please do not forget your company flyers!!

Hotel Sansui Naha

Hello everyone,

Those of you that RSVPed and or booked rooms have already heard, but unfortunately the Pricia hotel English Networking Dinner on Yoron Island has been cancelled.

As you know, it was planned for October 22nd. We had more than enough people with and without families that said 100% they were going, but unfortunately, they forgot to register by the deadline and we lost the rooms. The Pricia Hotel Management also regrets the cancelation but has extended an offer for us to try again next year because they know and love the concept.

This cancellation is very unfortunate because the cottages were freshly renovated, and the prices were VERY heavily discounted for us. We had also coordinated a first ever huge bonfire on the beach and many other fun activities.

I think we need to remind everyone that it takes months to plan and bring these events to you and we want to continue so please RSVP on the website when you first hear about an event you would like to attend so we can make it a success/make it happen.

With that said, English Networking Dinner will be taking a little break after our November Thanksgiving Holiday Dinner and Kimono Fashion Show at Kadena Marina (November 21st – info to follow ASAP) so we can get caught up on other things, regroup, and begin to plan for future events.

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About English Networking Dinners

Let us quickly explain why we have these English Networking Dinners

There are basically 3 main reasons:
1 – Plain and simple, Networking! This can be for business or your private life. For example, hopefully you will learn about a nice new restaurant, hotel, sports team, what’s going on in Okinawa, etc.
2 – To build a good relationship between the Japanese business community and the foreign business community because there are not many chances for that in Okinawa.
3 – Many of our Japanese friends speak or understand English very well, but do not have many chances to practice their English so they asked us to start a Networking Dinner between foreigners and Japanese.

Three quick, but very important items you need to know about our  Networking Dinner events:

1 – Please RSVP on our website: www.networkingdinner.biz
2 – Bring a lot of business cards! We suggest around 50 if you are new to the dinners, and around 25 if you are a longtime member.
3 – Cancellations: Of course you can cancel your reservation, but you must cancel at least 48 hours prior to the day of the event to avoid being charged. At many of our events the catering, venue etc. require a minimum number of guests in order to offer select pricing and to offset closing the doors to the public for a private party. If you do not attend or cancel your RSVP properly, our costs could rise. We humbly ask your assistance is ensuring an accurate guest count. This also ensures the proper amount of food and drinks will be available.

The point of our English Networking Dinners is to meet new people so please do not be shy. Since this is a dinner event, please enjoy the food & drinks while you are networking, but please don’t drink and drive.

Let us know if you need a taxi or Daiko service so we can help you get home safely.

We hope you all meet many new people and hopefully see you at our next English Networking Dinner.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mike Holland at: [email protected] or 090-1340-1388

Michael Hertz at: [email protected] or 090-6860-6609

Hotel Aqua Citta Naha

November 25th (Saturday)
Doors open 18:00
Event starts 18:30
4,000 yen per person – food, drinks, entertainment, and prizes included.